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Women Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Alma Rubis M5280M discount off 05990gL9

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dangers and complications This is the area in the duodenum where the bile duct draining bile from the liver, and the pancreatic duct, draining juice from the pancreas gland enter the gut.

ADVERTISEMENT CONTINUE READING BELOWUsing the endoscope, small tubes can be inserted into either the bile duct or pancreatic duct and dye injected into them to show abnormalities.In most cases nowadays, the object of the test would not just be to show abnormalities that is diagnostic ERCP but therapeutic.Therapeutic ERCP means that after identifying abnormalities the problem would be treated via the endoscope without the need for surgery.When is ERCP used?The purpose of the examination is to detect and treat anydiseases or abnormalities in louis vuitton purses qvc the bile ducts draining from the liver or in thepancreatic duct and pancreas gland.Bile duct disease the commonest indication for ERCP is the investigation and treatment of jaundice due to bile duct obstruction, preventing bile draining into the gut. The two frequent reasons for bile duct obstruction are:malignant (cancerous) narrowing and blockage of the bileducts. This may be due to cancer of the pancreas, cancer of the bile duct itself (cholangiocarcinoma) or secondary cancer spread from elsewheregallstones do not only occur in the gall bladder. Gallstones may move or be formed in the bile duct and cause blockage producing jaundice and infection. These problems can cause pain and usually occur in patients with chronic pancreatitis. How is ERCP performed?ERCP is carried out in a hospital X ray or endoscopy department. This is not a full anaesthetic, but it does make the patient feel very sleepy. Most patients tolerate the procedure very well. A special endoscope is placed in the mouth and the patient is asked to swallow it. Although the patient is not usually aware of the procedure, after this point the endoscopy is threaded through the stomach to the duodenum opposite the ampulla of Vater. At this point thin tubes called catheters can be inserted through the ampulla of Vater into either the bile duct or pancreatic duct and dye injected to show any abnormalities. Stents are plastic or metal tubes that go through the obstruction and allow the bile to drain.If gallstones are found in the common bile duct, these can be removed by therapeutic ERCP. This involves cutting the lower end of the bile duct at ampulla with an electric knife.This is called sphincterotomy. The gallstones in the bile duct can then be pulled out through the enlarge hole with a basket or a balloon without the need for surgery.Occasionally other techniques can be used. Benign, non cancerous, strictures can be enlarged by balloon dilatation. Cells for analysis in the laboratory for cancer can be obtained by brushing.ERCP and insertion of a temporary stent is effective treatment if the bile duct has been injured after surgery to remove the gallbladder.Pancreatic duct diseaseMore rarely stones or strictures occur in the pancreatic duct and similar techniques can be effective in treating these conditions.Is ERCP dangerous?ERCP is generally safe, but it does have significant complications.For this reason, ERCP is now louis vuitton neverfull comparison not usually undertaken unless therapy or treatment is planned.Diagnostic information of the bile duct or pancreas can often be obtained by alternative methods particularly CT scanning, MRI scanning or endoscopic ultrasound without the risks of best quality replica louis vuitton bags ERCP.The main complications of ERCP are causing pancreatitis louis vuitton shoes spikes or inflammation of the pancreas gland.

If treatment is undertaken cutting with the electric knife can cause significant bleeding or perforation of the duodenal wall.Insertion of X ray dye or stenting can introduce infection. These complications are rare but can be serious.

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Associate Professor Derek Wyman A China sponsored year long visit by Dr Wang Qiang (Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry) in 2005 initiated a strong new collaborative effort on t...